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  • How to include Search Bar in to Navigation Page

    So, i need to include Search Bar in to Navigation Page or Navigation Bar, but I can’t understand how do this programmatically. I can create Search Bar in App.cs but can’t include it in Navigation Bar( I work on Xamarin.Forms and RestApi in ASp.NetCore. Please help me! Result in Android.Sdk

  • PHP Trying to Curl Download csv from Website that needs a Session

    I am trying to download public german short positions as a CSV, but I am coming up short. Website address My dummycode is as follows: Load first page and get the session.sessionid. Use the id to follow the “More search options” link Post a request into the “More search options”-page. Receive the csv Any tips […]

  • How to Change the Key of Validation Error in Laravel

    I am new to laravel and working on apis, I have made an api in which i have implemented validation.Everything is working fine but i am stuck on a little thing. I want to to change the key name in the validation error. For example For the “unique” validation error. This is what now showing […]

  • Ubuntu 19.10 Issues with Bluetooth connecting then Immediately Disconnecting

    Ubuntu 18.04 had the same issue, and after trying multiple thing online make it work. Reinstall that Ubuntu and install a new Ubuntu 19.10. Same issues and looked up online again but nothing fixed it and I am frustrated at this point. I can see the headphone, I try to pair it, sometimes it fails, […]

  • How to Implement Scroll Restoration for React Router SPA

    On the react-router-dom github repo, they have a page that says that browsers are starting to natively handle scrolling for single page apps, and the behavior would be similar to that of a traditional non-SPA web page, if history.scrollRestoration is set to auto. The behavior I need is indicated on that page: Scrolling up on navigation so you don’t start […]

  • How to Fix File System Exception Cannot open File in Flutter when Reading and Writing Files

    I’m pretty new to dart/flutter, so let me know if there is anything I can clarify. I’m trying to download a file, but when I try to access it, I get the error “Filesystem Exception: Cannot open file, path = ‘./data.csv’ Read-only file system, erne = 30)” What am I doing wrong, and how can […]

  • Error The caller does not have permission with Google Cloud Endpoints and Guise

    I’m setting up Cloud Endpoints Framework for java in my GCP App Engine project, following the official documentation: https://cloud.google.com/endpoints/docs/frameworks/java/set-up-environment https://cloud.google.com/endpoints/docs/frameworks/java/using-guice https://cloud.google.com/endpoints/docs/frameworks/java/adding-api-management The whole thing works, but when I look at the logs, I can see the error below. It seems that Guice is triggering it but I’ve no idea what’s happening. Am I missing something? […]

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