Jest.js and Create React app Get Syntax Error: Cannot use Import Statement Outside a Module when Running Test


import moment from "moment-timezone";

let result = moment().format();

    it("should return a fail..or at least something",()=>{


npx jest or yarn test or npm test


npx jest
 FAIL  src/App.test.js
  ● Test suite failed to run

    ({"Object.<anonymous>":function(module,exports,require,__dirname,__filename,global,jest){import moment from "moment-timezone";

    SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module

      at ScriptTransformer._transformAndBuildScript (node_modules/jest-runtime/build/script_transformer.js:403:17)

Test Suites: 1 failed, 1 total
Tests:       0 total
Snapshots:   0 total
Time:        0.586s
Ran all test suites.

It looks like it is similar to this:

Do npm ls jest it says there are missing dependencies. Manually install them they don’t install and the problem is not fixed.

UNMET DEPENDENCY react-scripts@2.1.5
  └── UNMET DEPENDENCY jest@23.6.0 

you add jest manually, remove jest dependency from package.json and run npm install or yarn install.

or you can run npm test or yarn test to check the instruction.

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  1. Malki Nama

    To fix that do you need create the file: ./__tests__/setup.js and put, After that you only need run: npm run test,

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