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ZFS MOUNT is slow

I have a problem with an ZFS problem, and done fair bit of isolating, but getting stuck.

  • Server1 – ZFS host, openbsd

  • Server2 – Workhorse that has ZFS drive mounted, ubuntu

An untar operation on the ZFS drive takes 2s on Server1. The same operation on the mounted ZFS drive takes 5 minutes (!) on Server2.

Both servers are connected via gigabit LAN and literally next to each in a rack. What should I check, what can I tune?

iperf says “940 Mbits/sec” in both directions. Network speed is not the issue here.

here are the requested stats. I know that the pool is fine, running zpool clear would clear all issues, the two drives with low cksum errors look healthy, and the errors aren’t recent.

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