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yum list available shows package and yum install package claims nothing to do

How can I force yum to install the package I want or figure out why it thinks there’s nothing to do?

I can see that the package exists and is not installed but when I try to install it yum claims “Nothing to do”. I’ve tried various combinations and the only thing that works is to accept the latest version 7.3.2 which isn’t the version I tested.

Check for package

## Show installed package
yum list installed
jfrog-artifactory-pro.noarch         6.11.7-61107900            @artifactory-pro

## Show package
yum list available jfrog-artifactory-pro-7.2.1
jfrog-artifactory-pro.x86_64         7.2.1-70201900              artifactory-pro

## Attempt install

# yum install jfrog-artifactory-pro-7.2.1
# or
yum install jfrog-artifactory-pro-7.2.1-70201900

## Install latest version without specifying version
yum install jfrog-artifactory-pro
yum install jfrog-artifactory-pro
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package jfrog-artifactory-pro.noarch 0:6.11.7-61107900 will be updated
---> Package jfrog-artifactory-pro.x86_64 0:7.3.2-70302900 will be an update
Nothing to do


This approach will work bu I’d like to understand the problem and how to clear it.

yum install https://...url-to-package

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