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Xml and Java coding not Build Properly

Yesterday, I downloaded a Project which was in eclipse and i imported it in my android studio may be due to this or some other reason today when i opened my android studio recent projects it was showing error in gradle file with some other language i searched for the error which was “File was Loaded in Wrong Encoding UTF-8 ” and got a method to change from file

Please help me out what should i do i tried searching every where but could not get a fine result which worked for me.

Here is my sample code of .xml file which is don’t know in which format and why

����   3
  0abc_background_cache_hint_selector_material_dark I 
ConstantValue   1abc_background_cache_hint_selector_material_light  (abc_btn_colored_borderless_text_material  abc_btn_colored_text_material  abc_color_highlight_material  !abc_hint_foreground_material_dark  "abc_hint_foreground_material_light  !abc_input_method_navigation_guard  +abc_primary_text_disable_only_material_dark  ,abc_primary_text_disable_only_material_light     abc_primary_text_material_dark 
 abc_primary_text_material_light  abc_search_url_text  abc_search_url_text_normal 
 abc_search_url_text_pressed  abc_search_url_text_selected   abc_secondary_text_material_dark  !abc_secondary_text_material_light  abc_tint_btn_checkable  abc_tint_default  abc_tint_edittext  abc_tint_seek_thumb  abc_tint_spinner  abc_tint_switch_track  accent_material_dark  accent_material_light  !background_floating_material_dark  "background_floating_material_light  background_material_dark  background_material_light  (bright_foreground_disabled_material_dark  )bright_foreground_disabled_material_light  'bright_foreground_inverse_material_dark   (bright_foreground_inverse_material_light ! bright_foreground_material_dark "  bright_foreground_material_light # button_material_dark $ button_material_light % cardview_dark_background & cardview_light_background ' cardview_shadow_end_color ( cardview_shadow_start_color ) colorAccent * colorPrimary + colorPrimaryDark , %design_bottom_navigation_shadow_color - design_default_color_primary . !design_default_color_primary_dark / design_error 0 design_fab_shadow_end_color 1 design_fab_shadow_mid_color 2 design_fab_shadow_start_color 3 !design_fab_stroke_end_inner_color 4 !design_fab_stroke_end_outer_color 5 !design_fab_stroke_top_inner_color 6 !design_fab_stroke_top_outer_color 7

It was a Fine Working Projects and every thing was working but dnt know what happned tried to reset that was also not working

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