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WPS office works fine, except context menu for new file creation on desktop

I tried installing WPS office directly from the website after not being satisfied with the community versions from snap etc.

It worked like a charm and everything is working perfectly fine, except that the desktop context menu to create a new file results in the following error:

The file or folder /usr/share/templates/.source/wps演示文档.dps does not exist.

I reinstalled but to no avail. I even tried to rename the files from “/opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/asso_template/wps.dps” to /usr/share/templates/.source/ – as wps演示文档.dps etc. but didn’t work.

To give you some background, I’m had originally installed Ubuntu 18.04 and then later installed KDE Plasma and all associated apps – now while it boots, it says kubuntu. I also removed ubuntu-desktop package and a few others. I’m assuming I probably broke something while I converted to kubuntu?

any ideas?

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