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Word “EditPaste” command is broken

I have run into a weird problem in Microsoft Word, where the Paste command (EditPaste) stopped working.

The clipboard in general works, I can copy text, and I can also use other paste commands in Paste Special, but the basic Paste doesn’t do anything. This is for both pressing the hotkey Ctrl+V and the ribbon button.

There is a similar paste command, EditPaste2 with the same description in english (a slightly different description in german) that works fine and I am using that as a workaround.

The problem is only in Word, other Office programs like Excel and Powerpoint work fine. I can not link the failure to a particular event like and update or similar.

Does someone have an idea what could cause this behavior and how I can fix it?

The Word version is: Microsoft Word 2016 MSO (16.0.12730.20252) 64-bit

There are copy paste settings as follows:
enter image description here

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