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Wiring RPi with both a DHT 22 sensor and a fan set in slow cooling mode and getting data

I want to connect both a fan, set in slow cooling mode, and a DHT22 sensor to my RPi.

My wirings:

fan in cooling mode:

  • power wire: connected to pin 17
  • ground wire: connected to pin 20

and it works fine.

Now I want to add a DHT22 sensor, whose vendor sent me the connection schema, that is the following:

enter image description here


  • red wire = power, connected to pin 1
  • blue wire = data/GPIO, connected to pin 3
  • black wire = ground, connected to pin 6

I connected the sensor as indicated, but I can’t find a library that allows me to get data from my DHT22 sensor without using a board.

Is it possible? Can anybody point me one out?

I tryed Adafruit_DHT but with little success since I have a Raspberry Pi 4.

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