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Windows failover cluster and DNS network name resource?

I’m currently facing an offline windows storage server 2012 and it is a two-node cluster server.

It’s deployed as a failover cluster to protect the smb and nfs share folder on it. However, the “Cluster Events” reported tons of event id 1196(network name resource) error on the second node(nodeB) thus I decided to deal with it first.
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Just searched the MS tech. post such as this one: but I failed to verify whether there’s wrong DNS record in my environment.

here’s the IP and DNS settings of the server nodes/services:

  1. nodeA –,

  2. nodeB –,

  3. folder –,

  4. failover cluster – (no dns record in dns server) –

BTW, currently the two nodes in the failover cluster are “UP” and the “current host server” is nodeB.

I can ping to the nodeA, nodeB and the folder’s IP from remote client but the folder can’t be accessed. the required DNS records existed in the DNS server.

can anyone suggest some solution to deal with the network name resource error please???

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