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Windows 10: Poor Performance for Playing Game & Screen Capture

I hope this is the best StackExchange site to ask questions about optimizing system performance. If not, I apologize, & please direct me to the appropriate site.

My current system is one of the best I have ever had. It is not the best gaming system, but I am not running high end games. The issue comes when I record/capture videos of some games that I play. I end up with choppy/jumpy/jittery videos. As it happens with multiple games & recording software, I am concluding that there is some issue with the system’s performance, as opposed to it being the fault of a specific app.

My system is an HP Pavilion 24-b217c. I am running Windows 10 64-bit:

System Information

It has two graphics chips: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 & NVIDIA GeForce 930MX. The Intel chip uses 1GB of system memory & the NVIDIA chip has 2GB of its own dedicated memory.

GPUs info:

GPUs Information

By default, apps use the Intel chip. But I can change that for each individual app in graphics settings: "Power saving" uses the Intel. Setting to "High performance" tells the system to use the NVIDIA chip for the app when it is launched:

App GPU Settings

I have also disabled most system visual effects settings:

Visual Effects Settings

The software that I am currently using to capture my screen is Captura. I have also tried OBS Studio & the command line FFmpeg with the same or similar results (Note: all these apps are FFmpeg/libav-based). I have also tested the built-in Xbox Game Bar that comes with Windows 10. It seems to suffer less from jitter, but the game itself suffers & is captured in the video, albeit less often. Also, I haven’t found any settings in the Xbox Game Bar to change capture quality or resolution, which I absolutely want.

The games that I am playing are 2D platformers, such as Mega Man Unlimited, Mega Man Rock Force, Mega Man Rock N Roll, & Street Fighter X Megaman. Changing which GPU is used does not appear to change performance for any of these games.

Also, I am running COMODO Internet Security. I have tried shutting this off when I record, but it doesn’t seem to make a differenece.

The issue isn’t consistent. At times my video will be choppy, & other times not. I am wondering if it is being caused by I/O speed, either the recording software writing to the hard drive or some other background application. But I think perhaps it is not directly related to the recording software as I sometimes get choppy gameplay even if I am not recording. It does appear that after restarting my system, I do get a bit better performance for a period.

According to the task manager, about 38% of my CPU is being used, 49% of system memory, 13% of the Intel GPU, & 22% of the NVIDIA GeForce GPU during gameplay & recording. That is with a browser window with multiple tabs & a text editor open (which usually are not when I am recording) & no other foreground apps. So those system resources seem to be okay:

enter image description here

I’m curious if the issue I am having is specific to my system or if there are any known issues with Windows 10 performance that I am unaware of & things I can do to try & fix it. I am also open to screen capture software suggestions. I prefer open source solutions but am willing to try out others. It appears that most of the actively developed open source screen capturing software that I have found is based on FFmpeg/libav.

— Edit —

I should note that on older systems with less resources, I haven’t had near as many problems capturing gameplay in the past as I do with this one.

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