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Windows 10 Installation – Bitlocker Drive Encryption

My windows 10 laptop went kaput and it doesn’t reach the login screen anymore.

I tried the repair options – fixing the start up steps,etc but i get the message that it can not be fixed.

So i decided to re-install windows to repair the machine (I do not want to lose the data already on the laptop).

I reached the step where it asked me to select the partition for installation – however it does not let me select the SSD partition because it says it is Bitlocker encrypted.

So i went back to the repair options and tried the command line option
c:\>manage-bde -off c:
This resulted in an error: the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable.

So what are my options – is there a way i can recover this installation (without having to delete the partition). My main aim is to recover my data on the disk.

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