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Wikipedia app or Gmail doubles Wiki image sizes when sharing them

I am sharing a lot of images and articles from mobile Wikipedia app to my Gmail account. Today I noticed that either app itself or Gmail is doubling image sizes during this course of action.

For example, I stumbled across this image.

enter image description here

Corresponding Wikipedia page says:

500 × 373 pixels. No higher resolution available

I shared it to my email address the usual way (using three dot > Share) and when received shared email in my Gmail it turned out that the image has 1280 x 955 pixel dimensions. So it is two and a half times bigger than the original one.

enter image description here

enter image description here

As you can see above, the image itself is very blurred and artificially oversized. So, it is not Wikipedia hiding some actually bigger image resolution. It is either Wikipedia app or Gmail doubling image during share process.

Is this some weird feature that I don’t understand? Or is this a bug introduced in Wikipedia mobile app?

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