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Why is scanning my network picking up the wrong Interface, mac, and ip address?

So I’ve just used an application to scan for pc’s on my network as a shortcut for wake on lan. Two of the three pc’s show up with spot on information in its entirety. The one illustrated in the photo, has everything incorrect barring the host name.

I have went into device manager and disabled the vm adapter, which then passes to the other vm adapter. only upon disabling them both does it actually pick up the proper interface & associated information. This is obviously not a solution and I’d like to understand why its happening and how to fix it.

I have done a Get-NetIPInterface and the metric is higher than my ethernet adapter. I’ve inflated it further just to be safe, with no change so evidently that is not the root of the issue. If someone could advise id be appreciative. As you can see in the app, you can specify the ip range to scan, and the ip it’s picking up for the problem pc isn’t even IN the range. The IP it should be picking up is so it evidently see’s it on some level.

The application is aquilatech Wake On LAN

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