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Why has Notepad++ stopped actually going to the specified line, only marking it?

If I have Notepad++ running with no files opened, or if Notepad++ isn’t running, and I run the command:

"path to notepad++.exe" "path to whatever.php" -n123

… it opens the whatever.php file in Notepad++ and marks line #123, but it doesn’t scroll to it. I have to manually scroll down to it, and then I see that it’s “selected”/marked. This of course ruins the whole point of the feature.

If, on the other hand, I already have whatever.php opened in Notepad++, and run the same exact command, it does scroll to the line, as intended!

This appears to not have happened until recently. Just the other day, I updated Notepad++ to the latest stable version.

What is going on? Why must Notepad++ be so incredibly flimsy and bug-ridden?

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