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Why does my new version of Firefox only run from the GUI but not the terminal?

This all started when I wanted to get rid of the title bar in Firefox. I looked up how to solve this and all the answers gave a simple solution along the lines of "check this box in your customization menu". However, that box didn’t exist for me. Luckily, I discovered a post addressing this issue:

Note that the Firefox version from the Ubuntu repositories that you
appear to be using might behave differently and might not support
client-side-decoration. Try the Firefox version from the official
Mozilla server if you currently use a version from the repositories of
your Linux distribution.

So I followed the suggestion, downloaded the .tar.bz2, extracted it, and ran it through the GUI.

enter image description here

Success! This version of Firefox allowed me to check the box to hide the title bar. I went about editing the .desktop file’s exec line to point to ~/firefox/firefox so the dock icon would run this version. I opened FF from my dock panel, but it had opened the snap version. Odd… I tried running ~/firefox/firefox from the terminal, but it opened the snap version again. I checked my sanity and opened it from the GUI, absolutely sure it was the same file, and it opened the new version correctly without the title bar. It seems the only way to make it run correctly is through the GUI.


  • as aforementioned, I edited the .desktop file to point to the new executable, but that didn’t work
  • I tried putting a symlink into usr/local/bin/firefox pointing at the new executable, but that didn’t work either.
  • I tried removing FF from my favorites on the dock, running the new version, then pinning it back to the favorites, but after closing and re-opening via the dock, I was greeted once again by the snap version.

Does anyone have some guidance to fix this? I’m at a loss.

Ubuntu 18.04 | Firefox 80.0.1

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