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Why can’t I open USB serial port or connect openocd without root permission?

minicom or openocd command won’t run without root permission on a Ubuntu 16.04 system.

The issue was noticed yesterday, until then I didn’t have to use root permission.

Recent changes to system:
3-4 days ago my display would blackout after few seconds. While debugging the issue I installed/reinstalled a few drivers like lightdm, libpam-kwallet5, libpam-kwallet4, ppa:graphics-driver/ppa, ubuntu-desktop. Eventually, it was a hardware problem and I replaced the monitor. I believe I undid the changes to libraries. Also, I was connected to the system using ssh while running above commands.

I verified that current user exist in dialout and plugdev groups. Also I don’t know if it matters but since this looks like a USB issue, I have three USB dongles – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Logitech Unifying receiver connected.

Any thought on what could be going on?

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