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Where to find standards for SMPSs [closed]

I am working on a project that includes a Switch Mode Power Supply. I need some numbers, ranges, for safety reasons and beacuse I want to use it equally as other devices and with other devices plugged.

For example: I can find out the voltage in the mains (230 V 50 Hz), but not the permitted variation of these two values.

The emc and safety insulation standards, can find nothing about them. (As if everyone does whatever they want)

I want to design such a thing that won’t need major changes if I would want to certify it and make it mass production (or make it “opensource” licensed; in that way I want no one dead even if there will be a big yellow warning slapped on at the start).

Can someone help me out:

  • Where do I find worldwide or local standards for low (230vac-125vac) voltage electonic devices? (Main question)

  • What if I decide to sell these things, what should I do in Switzerland? Are there some certifications i need for selling this product? Do I need CE/UL/FCC/etc…?

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