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When using Talix’s power in a two player game, do you return one or both cards to the turn deck?

Talix’s, available on Aeon’s End: The New Age, power reads:

Destroy two speaks in hand. If you do, shuffle your turn order card into the turn order deck. OR Gravehold gains 5 life.

If you are playing a 2 player game, each player has two turn order cards. Then, if you use his first power on your second turn that round (meaning both your turn order cards are in the discard pile) do you place both your turn order cards into the pile or just one?

While the wording on the power seems to indicate it is a single one, it also reads like you just have one “your turn order card”. In a two-player game, you have two, so it might make sense to move both back? Is there an official answer?

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