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What’s the cheapest way to buy a large number of cards on

I need cards for my new EDH decks and I want to buy them on They have this neat feature called the Shopping Wizard, which does all of the work for you. Last time I needed around 60 cards and I ended up buying from four different sellers to get all the cards in the most cost-efficient way.

Problem is, the Shopping Wizard can only handle lists of up to 150 cards. And I need 250. So I will have to use the power of the Shopping Wizard algorithm at least twice. But I don’t know how to proceed. I sorted the cards by price, with the most expensive card on the list at about 15€ and the cheapest one just 0,06€. My goal is to minimize the overall cost of this purchases (including shipping). So now I don’t know if I should start with the 150 most expensive or cheapest cards. (Or some other combination).

Buying lots of really cheap cards usually results in few (or even just one) recommended sellers. Maybe I could get those cheap cards from someone else even cheaper, but less sellers means smaller shipping costs. A list with more expensive cards usually gets divvied up between multiple sellers. This obviously increases shipping costs, but if someone sells a card for way less than everyone else, it might sometimes be best to buy just one card from them.

So my question is:
What’s the cheapest way to buy more than 150 cards of varying price levels on

(I am not 100% sure if this is the right site to ask this question. I found another question regarding and the shopping list on here. So in the absence of a site dedicated to optimizing the shopping experience on cardmarket, I decided to post my question here ^^).

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