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What will it take to decouple Big Pharma from Medical training and practise? [closed]

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Why do countries with the best Medical Tools have some of the worst pandemic responses? e.g. COVID-19 (the 7th epidemic)

There are many modalities for medical treatment, yet noone denies prevention cost is far less.

Who would say anything is more important than your health? wealth? popularity?

How is health managed?

  • e.g. education, prevention, nutrition, cardio-exercise, treat the symptom, science-based, one solution-for-all vs unique-science-based-treatments, symptomatic-relief that slows the immune response, poor diets that trigger-hyper-immune response damage (inflammation), thousands of years of R&D with no side effects(TCM), Ayurvedic.., Emergency medicine, telemedicine, critical bypass surgery, stem-cell treatment… many others.

    Each treatment is historically-linked to cultural norms, training, financial pressures and ethics. There is no easy solution, yet there can be we attempt to follow what works and adopt and try to decouple from Big Pharma.

  • Anti-maskers are the new anti-vaxxers! (brain-dead on stats)

  • When can we start shaming Westerners into wearing masks? It’s no guarantee, but everything helps.
    • 生きて学ぶ準備ができたら
    • Երբ պատրաստ ես ապրել և սովորել
    • Ogni volta che sei pronto a vivere e imparare:
    • Всякий раз, когда вы готовы жить и учиться:
  • Why do things seem so calm in Japan over the virus when in the West, people are losing their minds?
    • Does Japan have it under control, or are they sweeping things under the carpet?
    • Other factors might include personal hygiene and cultural norms: no handshakes, no hugs, no kisses.
    • Japan has an already very high rate of handwashing, something that was boosted after the H1N1 scare in 2009, and prolific cases of food poisoning (norovirus) in the 2000s

      I have applied up to 11th order Polynomial curve fit and Log display daily and truncated the display looking back and forth. But the trend to 10x the growth rate per month has been the daily trend for the rest of the world for the last few weeks. Here is yesterday’s plot .

Note: the history is all from JHU database but the curve fitting is my spreadsheet future projection using the best polynomial to yield the highest R² value above 99%. Like the weather, future accuracy depends on the global trend and reactions. The slope indicates not what the majority of the population does to prevent the disease from spreading, rather it is the slack behaviours of the minority, which includes the Italian Medical community admitted by one of their doctors who said they were too trusting of each other and let down their guard.

Although I did take Biomedical engineering in 1974 before graduating as an Electrical Engineer, I consider myself as a Test Engineer 1st and R&D, Mfg EE 2nd. Yet I have designed many systems successfully, including SCADA and Nuclear safety automated robotics in the 70’s using eddy current instruments. See my bio for background experiences.

My motto “If you can’t measure it, you cannot manage it”

I do not expect all readers to share my perceptions and be able to connect all the dots, yet I assert the root cause and solution is my main question.

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