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What was the game with a plastic Bigfoot that left footprint counters?

When I was a child in the late 1970s, I had a Bigfoot-themed game in which you moved around a track in spaces around the board. The setting was Alaska, and the track went up and down a mountain, and I recall that there was a saloon with trapper and prospector type characters.

The main thing I remember was a plastic Bigfoot piece into which you loaded round cardboard tokens and when the Bigfoot moved, you would press it down on certain spaces and leave usually a footprint counter, but I think there were other things the Bigfoot would leave.

While the game is explicitly set in North America, it may have referred to Bigfoot as an “abominable snowman,” and the playing piece and game art may have shown him with white fur.

Can anyone help me identify the game?

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