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What is WebKitDropDestination

When my scheduled backup task failed with “out of disk space error” I discovered that I had a massive folder at /private/var/folders/<\w\w>/<\w+>/<\W>/<\w+>/ and this folder was full of video files that really were from my Apple Photos library. Strangely, these videos .mov files (I’ve only checked few random ones) are still present in my Photos library. Well, some version of them anyway. This /private … folder is almost 72 GB in size, which is why my backup task croaked. So…

  1. what the heck is this WebKitDropDestination?
  2. why does it have old videos that I have not otherwise touched or moved?

and related bonus question

  1. should I really be backing up anything in any kind of /var folder? Aren’t folder names like var and tmp for things that are ephemeral and needn’t be backed up?

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