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What is the minimum atmospheric pressure at which bees can live/thrive?

Bees are amazing little critters. (Gosh, they’re cute.) But what if we colonize Mars and start terraforming it? At what point will bees (and other insects) be able to live/thrive in that environment?

Obviously, there need to reasonable conditions:

  • total atmospheric pressure
  • partial O2 pressure and general atmospheric composition
  • no toxins
  • flowers to pollinate and get nectar from
  • a wider ecosystem to thrive in

For now I’m just wondering: What atmospheric environment do bees need to live on Mars?

Digitally drawn cartoonish image of a smiling bee with a space helmet and transparent wings. The background is black with small white and yellow dots as well as some larger yellow dots. The yellow dots may either be stars or pollen.

Perhaps we should give them little space suits?

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