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What is the length of one symbol sent through WiFI?

Having a WiFi emitter sending a frame how much time does each symbol takes? and therefore which distance do they spread over?

This depends on the Modulation Coding Scheme. I would like to know which of the various 802.11 norm has the shortest symbols.

Here is and example with 802.11b:
– at 11Mb/s using DQPSK it encode one symbol per chip, each symbol carry 2 bits
– this means rougthly 5.5M symbol/s
– 1.81818182e-7 s per symbol
– 54.5m per symbol

We could note that one symbol spread over 436 periods, each one spreading over 12.5cm at speed of light.

Am I right?
Is there any other 802.11 norms that have shorter symbols?

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