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What is the best webhosting provider for such an app

I’m planning on creating an online educational platform, (similar to Khan Academy and Coursera but pretty much for my home country). The idea is that this website is just a place where people could log in, create an account, setting, recharge their account, and thats all.

Next, a desktop application comes to place, the server that I will choose will have the videos, along with E-books stored on it, so my app will just fetch the video and stream it.

I’ve finished the website (I may change the design a little bit) and also most of the hard work that goes with the application and at the start of this month I will have to buy a domain and start with my website.

This is my story now the question is, I need a lot of bandwidth right? (If it goes well, I will have more than 100K daily active users so I guess yes!) And also some disk space since the videos are mp4 720 HD (yet compressed) but which hosting provider do you think will suit my needs? And also can you pinpoint me to someone that isn’t that much costly, since in my country there’s an economical crisis right now and I can pay (but not like 10k$).

I don’t know if this is the right community/stack for me to ask such a question but I didn’t find any other one suitable for this. So if you could please help me and thank you for your generous time and information.

Also the website is written in PHP.

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