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What does Nu (ν) prefix mean?

Stumbled upon this in ZVN4525E6 datasheet:

Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current (IDSS): 35 νA @ VDS = 250V, VGS = 0V

The letter is U+03BD and it is not in any common unit prefixes that I know.

My guess this is either substitute for “nano” (since capital Nu is “N”), or some weird expression of current via power (as in V*A). Both make little sense to me.

Also, while I am here asking anyway, is this FET a good choice for low side switching of small loads in 24V system controlled by 3.3V logic but also compatible with 24V pull-ups? This was actually the only choice left in parametric search after I selected 30V VDS&VGS and 3V threshold.

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