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What Data was uploaded when app accessing our Contacts? [closed]

From the moment we switch from Skype/AIM to Apps like Viber and WhatsApp, we’ve become comfortable with IM Apps accessing our contacts. Honestly, I am never fully comfortable with that idea. However, I am much more interested in learning what Data in Contacts did they upload to their server? Will Apple restricts access only to Names and phone numbers?

For instance, in Contacts (macOS/iOS), there are a variety of Data it can store, ie, Name, Address, DOB, and Notes. If someone includes sensitive info in Notes, such as ID#, SSN, Bank reference info… etc. Are these part of the information apps have access to?

Additionally, if we update our Contacts info., (adding or subtracting info.) will that be added to their Data or replacing it with new? ie, if you install IM Apps on a new phone 

Be interesting somebody from the IM App side can share some of their insights as well.


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