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Ways to prevent Counterspell from being cast?

What ways can a character (PC or Monster) prevent an enemy from casting counterspell?

What I can think of so far:

  • Surprise the enemy and win initiative
  • Cause the enemy to be incapacitated (or stunned/paralyzed/unconscious)
  • Provoke the enemy into using a reaction earlier in the round (readied action, opportunity attack, previous spell)
  • Avoid using perceivable spell components
    • Sorcerer subtle spell metamagic
    • Level 20 Druid Archdruid feature
    • Casting a spell with only material components (eg. Minor Illusion)
  • Prevent somatic components
    • The enemy is holding objects in both hands
  • Block line of sight while casting the spell (As Medix2 linked the spell can be readied behind cover)
    • Spells, Items, or Abilities such as Fog Cloud, Darkness, etc. that create areas of Heavy Obscurement
    • Use a spell or item that grants invisibility or heavy obscurement to a creature (Shadow of Moil, Invisibility)
    • Physical barriers such as walls or large creatures

Are there any other options available that I am missing? I would be interested both in a generic option that is missing and in any specific strategies that are not equivalent to something on my list.

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