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usage of “come across”

I guess I am aware the meaning of “come across”

appear or sound in a specified way; give a specified impression.

This post focuses on the usage of “come across” with that meaning.

An ELL post uses “come across” this way

You could say that without breaking grammar rules, but no one expresses that feeling in that way, and if they did, it would come across fairly rude.

There are two questions about that use.

First of all, the subject would usually be someone, human being. “it” would probably be inappropriate. Is my understanding right?

Secondly, I see the examples on Cambridge Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary put “as” after the phrase

After all, I appeared to be a bookworm sort of fellow trying to come across as tough.

I didn’t want to come across as patronizing, but I did.

He comes across as a bit of a bore.

Is the word “as” required, optional or unnecessary there?

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