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Unexpected key printing MacBook pro

The problem start after I took my late 2013 MBP from unautorized service (becouse official services said they do not serve it) where i change accumulator. Also they said that cleaned up my keyboard. nce some keys presed down it prints together with another additional symbol. The pairs always the same and look like this:

  • 4 or 6 gives: 46
  • r or y gives: ry
  • f or h gives: fh
  • v or n gives: vn
  • = or ] gives: =]

I’m already try several ways, like:

  1. Setting the different time of slow keys in universal access
  2. Unshaky with different values of delay (maybe it doesn’t work for me because of different keys)
  3. Adding new keyboard in input sources
  4. Pressed in the middle of the keyboard with my thumbs
  5. Reset SMC, NVRAM, PVRAM
  6. Boot in safe mod

Only once I have succeed and printing well for several minutes, after set 3000 delay for key ‘r’ in Unshaky, and turn off slow keys. But after I switch language, this strange effect turn back again, and after I repeat same steps, they now doesnt give result.
Here is ste way how keys are printing now:

MacBook double key failure pattern

Do you know some other methods to fix it, or I need to replace the keyboard?

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