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Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Latest Update Software Slows Computer When I Close my Laptop Lid

Installed Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS a few weeks ago and was using it with no problem for 2 weeks. I
I then did an update around June 18th and from then on I could not close my laptop lid without my computer slowing down to the point that typing was impossible and (1second latency per character I type) and moving windows aroudn on my desktop.

It was suggested by another askUbuntu user that my firmware was damaged and was told to reinstall Ubuntu 18.04.4. So I did just that today.

Right after the install,I was able to shut my laptop lid and everything worked fine.

Then I did my requisite update Software Update (using the Software Updater) and BOOM, back to the same issue, i.e. when I close my monitor the performance is impossible to work with.

I can’t imagine the firmware, as suggested before, is corrupted again.

Please Help. So far I only got one response from some and it didn’t help.

I think I need someone who can guide me through how to identify what hardware drivers is being used for my laptop monitor. Maybe there’s some sort of conflict here.

Thank you,

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