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Transfer Drupal 7 users to Drupal 8 while retaining passwords

I’m transferring 10K users from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. I want to retain passwords. What I’m trying is

  • dump user records from Drupal 7 as a CSV file
  • dump hashed passwords from MySQL as a CSV file
  • load user records and hashed passwords into a custom program
  • in the program, add hashed passwords to the correct user records (match by UID)
  • manipulate user records (consolidate duplicates, combine fields, and more)
  • output fixed-up user records (including password hash) to a CSV file
  • use this CSV file as input to a custom Drupal 8 module to create users

All of this is easy EXCEPT creating users in Drupal 8 with their Drupal 7 passwords.

I have tried simply

$values = array
  'name' => 'test',
  'mail' => '',
  'roles' => [],
  'pass' => $hashed_drupal_7_password,
  'status' => 1,
$account = entity_create('user', $values);

but of course Drupal 8 assumes the pass value is the textual password and rehashes it.

QUESTION: Is there a way to get the already-hashed password into the user account, either during creation or after it is created? If I get them in, will they still work? As you can tell by reading, I’m a neophyte when it comes to passwords, encryption, etc. I’ve read many posts and articles, but don’t recognize an answer to this question.

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