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Thunderbird: move Quick Filter Toolbar to main panel

When I open the “customize” menu in Thunderbird, I can add or remove the items from the toolbar. This way, I can reorder the buttons “write”, “reply”, “reply all”, or remove them altogether.

The Quick Filter Toolbar cannot be moved like this.

There used to be an addon called quickfiltertoolbar, which made it possible to move the Quick Filter Toolbar around, same as other items.

I have made a screenshot to illustrate what I mean:

enter image description here

By default, the Quick Filter Toolbar occupies its own panel, under the main panel. What the addon allowed, was to move the items up to the main panel (purple on my screenshot) and move the various associated buttons as well (attachements, …)

This way I could save space, and I did not need a separate panel for Quick Filter Toolbar.

Unfortunately, this great addon no longer works with current Thunderbird 68.8.

I am looking for a way to achive the same, by perhaps using userChrome.css, or if not possible by editing the files omni.ja.

I have shown on my screenshot what I am trying to achieve.

First, remove the stupid useless buttons from the Quick Filter Toolbar: “Unread”, “Starred”, “Contact”, “Tags”.

And then, move the rest up (the pin icon, attachements, abnd the search field.

Lastly, get rid of the now-empty panel

Can this be achieved ?

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