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Teams-for-Linux can’t connect with audio anymore

My problem is similar to: “Webcam not working on Microsoft Teams, installed via snap”.

I did the same routine as suggested there to install Teams with Snap. Initially there was sound and microphone but no camera.

Also something went wrong during installation as there was a notification that some packages were incomplete. After a new upgrade (I am using Ubuntu 18 LTS on a Dell Latitude 3340) I managed to fix this problem I connected the camera as suggested by doing: “snap connect teams-for-linux:camera core:camera”.

This worked out OK; when I use Teams now the camera works , but now microphone and speakers are not connected anymore to Teams.
I did check sound and mike: the speakers work alright in “speaker test”, and microphone level indicator shows that sound is registered by the microphone.

  • Could it be that, similar to camera, audio has also to be connected manually? What would be the command to do so?
  • Or is there an other cause for the problem?

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