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[ Teaching ] Open Question : I think my history teacher is stalking me?

so im in 10th grade and im female and live in VA and the first day of school was fine and this started happening last Monday. My teacher called me out in class and told me im the prettiest girl in the class. I took it as a joke and later the teacher came up to me privately at the end of class and told me im the prettiest girl he’s ever seen and on Friday, I was walking home from school on the sidewalk by the road and I saw a car drive by and slow down and drive slowly next to me as I walk and I looked in the car windows and I saw my history teacher was the man driving and looking at me but I dont think he knew I saw him and I got really creeped out and started running and when I got home I went inside and I looked out the window and saw his car park right outside my house meaning he followed me home and he never got out of the car and it was just parked right in front of my house for 30 minutes or so until he drove away. im really worried this is a serious question and im uncomfortable

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