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Hey Well I have a question about unblocking [closed]

I would like to find out how to unblock, unfortunately I didn’t know what I was doing at first and blocked almost everything, you see, this is a students computer, And I have blocked sites that we’re not supposed to be blocked till 6th grade, either way I would like to unblock game for the […]

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Never withdrew ETH from The DAO

I really need some help, at least an answer so i can put this back to rest for good, you see, when the DAO hack happened, back in 2016, I had my Dao tokens already in Poloniex and panic sold… I owned my loss and never looked back, literally, till just yesterday, October 2-2020, I […]

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How would you build a python-react plugin system

I am developing software with python in the backend and react in the frontend. We want to provide a plugin system, so other programmers can write their own plugins. The usual plugins would consist of react components and a python package. Our target group is quite python affine, a little javascript (d3.js), but no react. […]

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Is there a more efficient substitute to my code? [closed]

You see, this code executes right after a user is logged in, and checks the users credentials and redirects them to their assigned views or page, ive used that code as a re-directory system , but im not sure if a server can user that single code to handle multiple login request, I dont want […]

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Automatic mute radio on power-off

I have a small FM radio module I bought off eBay that runs off a few AA batteries, and have it essentially plugged right into a pair of PC speakers I have on all the time. To save battery power, I turn the module off with a power switch built into the battery box. The […]