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Are there zoos in Sharn/Eberron and if so what animals would they have?

I’m currently playing a Warforged Druid in an Eberron Campaign, and our characters are currently located in the City of Sharn, and are likely to be stuck there for some time. I’ve opted to go with the Circle of the Moon primarily for the Circle Forms Wildshape capability. Wild Shape As an action, you can […]

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How to set REAL global OS-level proxy in Windows 10

What I want: To set OS-level global proxy for all APPs in Windows, including cmd, IE, eclipse. Background I am using SSR(ShadowsocksR), and its’ global mode would just listening on localhost:1080 set the proxy of OS(OS-proxy) to localhost:1080 As a result, only those APPs that care about OS-proxy will work, e.g. IE. For those APPs […]

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How do I get Debian 10 (Buster) to automatically enable Scroll Lock?

I’ve got a keyboard that lights up when Scroll Lock is turned on, but my Debian 10 virtual machine (via VirtualBox) won’t acknowledge the SCROLL_LOCK status unless I run the following command: xmodmap -e ‘add mod3 = Scroll_Lock’ It has to be executed again every time I reboot in order for the SCROLL_LOCK key to […]