Ask Electrical Engineering Engineering

Analog circuit to generate a pair of non-intersecting PWM signals

I want to generate two PWM signals, each used to drive LEDs. The sum of both duty cycles will never exceed 100%, so I want the signals to be non-overlapping in order to limit peak currents. The two channels are controlled by respective voltages IN1 and IN2, whose limits are set by reference voltages REF_TOP […]

Mastering Development

Do the multiple postfix-expression(subscripting) evaluations result in UB

#include <iostream> int main(){ int arr[7] = {0,1,2,3,4,3,2}; arr[0]++[arr]++[arr]++[arr]++[arr]++[arr]++[arr] = 5; //#1 for(auto i = 0;i<7;i++){ std::cout<<i<<" : "<< arr[i]<<std::endl; } } Consider the above code, Is this evaluation at #1 would result in UB? This is a example I have saw in twitter. According to the evaluation sequence for postfix ++: The value […]

Ask Biology

Do atmospheric oxygen levels effect aerobic muscle performance?

I’m not a biologist so pardon any ignorance on my part. I’m working on a speculative evolution project and I’m interested in understanding what effects a different atmospheric composition may have on earth-like organisms. While researching flight limitations, I came across this paper, that gives the maximum aerobic performance of 100 Watts per KG of […]

Mastering Development System & Network

docker-compose + traefik – direct traffic to services outside the docker-compose network

I apologize in advance for the length – but this is interesting, especially for architects and traefik wizards. The Challange: The bottom line is, I’m hoping that there’s a setup in which we can leverage traefiks dynamic config capability to: detect automatically when a container is stopped, and know to fallback to external services on […]