“An accessor cannot be declared in an ambient context.” in a custom library

I have a webpack, typescript project (A) which emits a small library. The library is used in an angular 8 project (B). In project A I declare a class like: export class Foo { private foo: string; constructor(foo: string) { = foo; } } export class Bar extends Foo { private bla: string; constructor(foo: […]

CSS Development Vue

Vue.js production build problem – “CssSyntaxError app.css:1:1 Unknown word”

Attempting to build a production version of my app is failing – with the ‘Unknown word’ error message. Last week, of course, everything was fine. I’ve checked the contents of all the style tags within the components and there are no HTML tags nor are there any comments. I’ve progressively removed the style tags from […]

Development Plugins React

ReactJS Error: Module Build failed: SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<'

My ReactJS code throws an error when I try to compile it. I used ReactJS before but I never ran into this error (see below) ERROR in ./kapiche/@kapiche_react/teacher/login.jsx Module build failed (from ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js): SyntaxError: /mnt/d/src/kapiche/@kapiche_react/teacher/login.jsx: Unexpected token (59.6) 57 | render() { 58 | return ( > 59 | <div> | ^ 60 | Hello […]