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Is cost directly proportional to average no.of queries in snow flakes

This post is all about warehouse profilinging with help of link below. select * from table(information_schema.warehouse_load_history(date_range_start=>dateadd(‘hour’,-1,current_timestamp()))); warehouse load Below is the part of the output for duration of 1 hr(13:00hrs) with 5 mins interval. Pic 1 Conclusions from above output 1) AVG_QUEUED_LOAD , AVG_QUEUED_PROVISIONING, AVG_BLOCKED is zero, so I don’t need to worry about […]


How can I maintian historical details from many table’s information schema and account info?

I need to be able to extract the schema and account information for historical purposes for minimum of 10 years planning. This is what I am using for selecting the query history, I would like to make a task to save it to a table. Create TABLE TEMP_history(Query_id varchar, query_text varchar, database_name varchar, schema_name varchar, […]