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How can I convert a const char* to a string in CLR/C++ with FLTK to obtain the value of an FL_Input or other widget?

I have been recently constructing a program. The end goal is to get what the user has written in the Fl_Input box and write it into my database. To do this I am going to need a callback on a button that allows me to at least get the string value of an Fl_Input->value() The […]


Can’t Gtk application show SDL_RenderDrawRect with rectangle?

I have written example in C# of link sdl_renderer shows background color = It is ok. I really don’t understand why does it not work if SDL2-CS embeds in GtkSharp3 and it doesn’t see any shapes, texts or pictures. I can’t remember that MonoGame has also SDL2 but it shows only picture. I really want […]