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My lightning node is unreachable and lightning-rpc’: Connection refused

I’m trying to use c-lightning on my raspberry. When start the lightning daemon I get two errors: the first one is: 2020-06-05T17:02:08.784Z DEBUG connectd: Failed to connect 10 socket: Network is unreachable My .lightning/config is: alias=LIGHTNING_NODE_ROCK rgb=DDFF06 addr=:9735 log-level=debug network=testnet bitcoin-cli=/usr/local/bin/bitcoin-cli bitcoin-datadir=/home/bitcoin/.bitcoin log-prefix=raspi-lightning ignore-fee-limits=true fee-base=10 bitcoin-rpcuser=user bitcoin-rpcpassword=userpass bitcoin-rpcconnect= bitcoin-rpcport=18332 my bitcoin.conf is: testnet=1 [test] rpcuser=user […]