Database Development

How to avoid tempdb spill

I have several tempdb spills in queries which are currently serving business purposes. I am told by online searching that tempdb spills should never be ignored as they can cause performance problems. It’s still a bit unclear to me as to why that is. Since I have also read that SQL Server by itself will […]


Silex with Entity, how to?

I want to add entities together with Silex. So that I can move the queries out of the controller. I have created an entity class, but when I call like: $sql = “SELECT * FROM todos WHERE id = ‘$id'”; $product = $app[‘db’]->fetchAssoc($sql); I got an error that $app is not defined. Entity/Products.php <?php namespace […]

Development JSON

SPARK: How to parse a Array of JSON object using Spark

I have a file with normal columns and a column that contains a Json string which is as below. Also picture attached. Each row actually belongs to a column named Demo(not Visible in pic).The other columns are removed and not visible in pic because they are not of concern for now. [{“key”:”device_kind”,”value”:”desktop”},{“key”:”country_code”,”value”:”ID”},{“key”:”device_platform”,”value”:”windows”}] Please do not […]