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Drizzle cacheSend outputs “cacheSend is not a function” error, but the tx works when using send

I’m using Drizzle and react-hooks in my new open source project, but cacheSend outputs always “cacheSend is not a function” This line of code with send works as expected const stackId = contract.methods.createMerchant(, value.category, value.weburl).send({from: drizzleState.accounts[0]}) Instead using cacheSend returns an error “cacheSend is not a function” const stackId = contract.methods[“createMerchant”].cacheSend(, value.category, value.weburl, { from: […]

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How to style grouped rows in Vuetify datatable using slots?

Has anybody implemented grouped rows with v-slot in latest Vuetify versions? Their example looks like this: <template> <v-data-table :headers=”headers” :items=”desserts” item-key=”name” group-by=”category” class=”elevation-1″ show-group-by ></v-data-table> </template> <script> export default { data () { return { headers: [ { text: ‘Dessert (100g serving)’, align: ‘left’, value: ‘name’, }, { text: ‘Category’, value: ‘category’ }, ], desserts: […]