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Add matching values from one array to an array of original object

I have a users list like the following: [ { user: a, email:, events: [] }, { user: b, email: events: [] } ] And an events list: [ { user: a, start: 2020-01-01 end: 2020-01-02 }, { user: a, start: 2020-02-01 end: 2020-02-02 }, { user: b, start: 2020-03-01 end: 2020-03-02 }, […]

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How to implement test method order on parametrized tests

I am using JUnit 5 and would like to have my tests execute in a specific order over various tests cases. Example: I have a test to fill out a form with user info(User A, User B, User C) so ill have tests FillOutFirstName() FillLastName() Submit() I would Like the execution to be User A […]