Android User Help

Stuck in Fastboot after deleting almost all the content in my phone (Xiaomi Mi 9T)

So I was trying to install Lineage OS (the unofficial version), because I think it works better with my phone. I already did that before, and I am not a newbie… But what I did today shows the contrary. I downloaded everything on my PC and did a backup, and then I factory resetted my […]

Database Development

how to optimize big result to sum in MySQL 5.7

Now I have a user consume history record table, sometimes the data is very big(>1million) per day.Now I have to calculate the table to get report data,this is my sql: SELECT SUM(consume_num) AS consumeNum, SUM(transin_num) AS transinNum , CASE WHEN COUNT(DISTINCT transin_user_num) – 1 < 0 THEN 0 ELSE COUNT(DISTINCT transin_user_num) – 1 END AS […]

Apple User Help

User folder on a different, AFPS Encrypted volume as Home folder?

I have one of these iMac 5K which came with 128 GB Flash storage and 1 TB HD as Fusion Drive. Very quickly I replaced the disk with 2 TB SSD. For some time, I used the Flash as boot & apps & user folder, and kept big media (movies and Photos Library) on the […]