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Ubuntu 18.04 Terminal, Software & Updates, Software Updater not working

I’m new to Linux/Ubuntu. It’s been a few days since I was on my computer, but the Terminal, Software & Updates, Software Updater not working when I fired it up. (Ubuntu 18.04) I have been using this computer mainly to learn about Linux and coding Python using PyCharm as a hobby so the only software […]

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I can’t update the homepage

I have a website with wordpress that has a problem, it does not update the homepage for more changes I make, even, I put other pages as homepage and still appears the same, so I thought it could be either the theme, plugins, the cache or the database, so I have updated, uninstalled, optimized as […]

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Nvidia display settings are not available

I just built a computer and installed the Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super. I connected my MSI Optix Mag271CQR monitor with HDMI and I get a pop up saying “NVIDIDA Display settings are not available. You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU” I can see it says running in the settings. […]

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Sound card installs and runs on one OS in a dual boot but not the other

I’ve got a strange problem where I’ve got a dual boot system running exactly the same hardware barring the one running on an M.2 drive and the other a normal SSD, both are running W10 Pro and both are fairly fresh installs. On the first drive the sound card installs as expected without issue, but […]

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How do I track what is using my hard disk storage? [closed]

I regularly use programs like Treesize and Disk Drill, and those reports are helpful to a point. They don’t fully help me manage my disk space efficiently. I install a lot of programs to trial them, and then uninstall again. I also download large amounts of data that is used for a short time and […]