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Problems with GRUB and Windows Boot

I have been dual booting Windows 10 and linux (KDE Neon) on my computer with no problems for a few months. However, today, after booting into linux, then restarting and attempting to select windows, I got this error: Error: file /efi/microsoft/boot/bootmgfw.efi not found Unsure how there could be a problem with my windows boot, I […]

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GRUB not detecting Windows 10

I recently had Linux Mint installed alongside Windows 10, and GRUB listed both of them with no issues. I then decided to try out Ubuntu 19.10, and installed it at the same partition as Linux Mint (letting the installer wipe and replace that partition in the process). After all was said and done, GRUB would […]

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Need Assistance on Boot Repair 14.04.6 LTS

I recently tried to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and it went horribly wrong as it did not install and now my computer will no longer boot. I have two hard drives – one with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and the other hard drive has an old Fedora install (Fedora 18). Prior to the upgrade attempt, […]