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Brownie some contracts cannot be tested on mainnet fork

I am testing on mainnet-fork and it always fails when particular contracts like (Uniswap) are called more than once. Is there any fix for this or is this problem outside the scope of brownie? Thanks Here is the error FAILED tests/ – brownie.exceptions.VirtualMachineError: revert: UniswapV2: LOCKED Here is the code. It swaps DAI for USDC […]


CallbackOnCollectedDelegate detected

After few minutes of successfull running I get this error in my application. Asistente para la depuración administrada ‘CallbackOnCollectedDelegate’ Se realizó una devolución de llamada al delegado recolectado de tipo ‘Threads!Threads.Hud+NativeMethods+WinEventDelegate::Invoke’. Since I cant figure out which part of the code is in responsible for this issue, I’m posting the complete class here. (I guess […]