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How many CR of undead can a character control with Animate Dead?

The Animate Dead spell allows you to raise and control zombies or skeletons. The number changes with spell level, and a character’s spell slots change as they level up too. How can do I calculate the maximum number of undead controllable indefinitely with Animate Dead? Not including items, feats, tricks, just the number/CR of undead […]

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What tools can i use to test the speed of communication between a server -> webserver -> client

in our company, we have to evaluate and compare the Mac Pro (2019) and the Mac mini (2018) in their usage as a client management server. We already know that the Mac Pro will be the better alternative/ upgrade to the now in use Mac mini (2012), but we still need to perform benchmark tests […]

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Can I use std::lower_bound on function calls instead iterators?

Simple use case: I want to find with binary search the minimal index i for which f(i)>=t, where t is some threshold and f is a monotonically increasing function over integer values. A simple way to go would be to just call this function on every possible input, save it to a container and then […]

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Why is scanning so slow in Debian with new Canon scanner?

I recently replaced an 15 year old HP scanner with a brand new Canon CanoScan LiDE 300. The specs state 10 sec/page in color and 300 dpi. The scanner is now connected to an desktop computer running Debian 10. But since the default sane-backend was at v1.0.27 which did not support the LiDE 300, we […]

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[ Marriage & Divorce ] Open Question : Is there a sexual orientation that likes sex but doesn’t care about it that much?

I’m married. I suck at sex. It’s partially that I just can’t move and position my body the way I need to; partially it just doesn’t come naturally to me; partially a lack of emotional connection with anyone I’ve tried to connect with. (Romantically and platonically) my husband and I have been together for 6 […]